Anticipated activities next week include:

1600 Smallman

  • 1st floor window installation along Mulberry is ongoing
  • Precast Garage – completion of ramp; 1st floor slab on grade; begin 2nd floor topping slab
  • Precast Garage – underground plumbing (storm, sanitary)

Produce Terminal

  • Complete ramps/curb and start sidewalks in Phase 4
  • Complete installation of storefront frames and glass in Phase 3
  • Complete the installation and repair of historic wood doors in Phase 3
  • Continue  painting the canopy, handrails and bollards on Smallman
  • Start painting historic wood doors in Phase 1- 2
  • Install landscaping in Phase 1-2
  • Lay asphalt in parking lot Phase 1-2
  • Continue canopy roofing in Phase 1 on Smallman side
  • Start roofing low roof in Phase 1 on Smallman side 
  • Install below and above canopy lights

Have a great and safe Memorial Day weekend!

Teams continue repair work on the building’s historic wood doors.