Image credit: Antunovich Associates

Anticipated activities next week include:


  • Complete wood benches in Phase 4
  • Continue MEP in Auction House
  • Install asphalt binder course in Phase 3 and 4
  • Complete Smallman above canopy lights in Phase 3
  • Complete Smallman low roof in Phase 2
  • Complete Spruce Way passageway pavers in Phases 1 and 2
  • Continue landscaping  in all phases
Strip District Terminal Pittsburgh Spruce Way Landscaping and Paving
New landscaping and paving in place along Spruce Way


  • Installation of warehouse freight elevator is ongoing
  • Installation of Stair #2 metal landings and stringers is ongoing
  • 1st floor warehouse – electrical rough-in is ongoing
  • 2nd/3rd/4th floor warehouse – metal stud installation is happening
  • Complete demo of Smallman Street sidewalk and dock
  • Delivery of 2nd & 3rd floor tongue & groove wood plank
  • Precast Garage – begin site work for dock extension
  • Precast Garage – Installation of passenger elevator is ongoing
Metal framing of garage windows


  • DOMI is completing the milling and paving of Smallman Street
New paving and striping on Smallman Street