Anticipated activities next week include:

The Terminal

  • Complete Kebony wood benches in Phase 3
  • Complete painting of (guardrails, bollards, etc. in Phase 3 along Smallman
  • Complete painting historic wood doors in Phase 3
  • Install asphalt wearing course in Phases 1 and 2, and continue with asphalt prepwork in Phase 3
  • Continue Smallman low roof in Phase 1 and complete Phase 3 canopy roof
  • Continue install of Smallman above canopy lights in all phases
  • Install Spruceway light poles in all phases
  • Pour back the traffic gate islands 
  • Continue landscaping

1600 Smallman

  • Install warehouse freight elevator
  • Complete warehouse Stair #2 CMU shaft
  • Start up west rooftop air handling unit
  • 1st floor warehouse metal stud framing is ongoing
  • Demo of Smallman Street sidewalk and dock is ongoing
  • Begin delivery of tongue & groove wood plank
  • Precast Garage – begin concrete washes (start at 5th floor and work down)
  • Precast Garage – electrical, fire protection is ongoing
  • Precast Garage – begin installation of passenger elevator

Smallman Street

  • The north side of Smallman Street will be  paved towards the end of next week
  • Contract 1 (sidewalks from 17th through 20th except Iron Born Pizza) should be finishing by the end of June
  • Contract 2 (the rest of the sidewalks, plaza construction, street lighting, paving) should be starting in July and ending by November
  • The traffic signal at 15th and Smallman will likely be installed in the Spring, finishing by the end of April, due to the lead time for signal poles