The Strip District Terminal will balance the needs of the future with the pleasures of the past. Focused on pedestrian access and ease-of-use, the revitalization will provide a mix of retail, dining and office, with an aesthetic spotlight on local and contemporary art.



New lighting, site furnishings, landscaping and sidewalks

163,500 SF

Retail, dining, market, fitness, services and office space


Restoration of historic façade with exterior improvements

275+ Parking Spaces

Along Smallman Street and Spruce Way

Targeting LEED Silver Certification

Core and shell renovation targeting prestigious LEED Silver standards

Riverfront Trail

Creation of pedestrian passageways at 17th and 18th will connect the neighborhood to the riverfront trail


Widening Smallman Street docks to provide elevated pedestrian access to storefronts and dining

The existing terminal docks will be extended to create outdoor dining and activity areas at each of the new pedestrian passageways at 17th, 18th, and 20th.

New ramps and stairs with integrated bench seating will be incorporated to provide visitors with a comfortable spot to enjoy the energy of the Strip District. Regular events and programs will be scheduled to engage and entertain all who come to visit.

Smallman Street is receiving a much-needed transformation to make it a safer and more engaging public space between the 16th Street Bridge and 21st Street.

The Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority has installed new utility infrastructure and the City and McCaffery will be adding new lighting, street furnishings, highly visible crosswalks, plazas, dedicated bike lanes, and on-street parking.