1600 Smallman:

The demolition of the two smaller structures is ongoing at 1600 Smallman. Some stoppage of traffic on Mulberry Way may occur periodically to maintain safe conditions as work progresses east. Cleaning of the building masonry on the 17th street side is about to begin. Please note that sidewalk is closed on 17th street side of the building. Building roof removal and interior demolition is underway.

Produce Terminal:

PWSA is completing their paving work on Smallman. McCaffery’s Produce Terminal site fencing has been installed on the north side and will be installed on south side once PWSA vacates. Masonry and Demolition crews have mobilized on-site and will start work at the west end of the Terminal.
Please direct questions regarding these projects to Pamela Austin at paustin@mccafferyinc.com

PWSA Water and Sewer Improvements:

DOMI will be hosting the next meeting on May 1st from 3:00-4:30 PM at Primanti’s to discuss roadway traffic control phasing, parking and have an open discussion. This meeting is primarily for merchants and property owners in the study area.