As a reminder, the staff in our Pittsburgh office can be reached at (312)784-2762 and (312)784-2834 in the event you need to reach us!

Anticipated activities include:

1600 Smallman

  • The alley fencing will be pushed back slightly from the building for window infill work but will not impact vehicular travel
  • Select interior demolition of MEP and flooring for penetrations continues
  • Masonry work will be ongoing on Smallman Street at basement and first floor
  • Roof structural steel, decking and roof anchors are being installed
  • Excavation for electric vault on Smallman will commence
Produce Terminal
  • Stormwater piping is being installed in Spruce Way
  • Foundation work for docks, stairs and ramps will continue along Smallman in Phase 2 and Phase 1 will receive backfill and formwork
  • Workers will be up on the roof installing blocking
  • The tons of stone ballast holding down the roof will be vacuumed off sometime in early September
Contemporary Craft

The most RADical Days of it all! Contemporary Craft is moving! You are invited to Contemporary Craft’s RADical Day on Saturday, September 28, so join us to celebrate Contemporary Craft’s 33 years in the Produce Terminal at its “Farewell Party”. Unleash your creativity and draw on the gallery walls, treasure hunt in the Garage Sale/Giveaway, transform exhibition postcards into woven paper coasters, and more.

Come say “Farewell!” to Contemporary Craft in The Strip and say “Hello!” to Contemporary Craft’s permanent new home in Lawrenceville. This is a free and family friendly event. More information at: