1600 Smallman
  • Mulberry Way is being closed off to vehicular through traffic from 16th Street end so excavation for garage foundations can be performed safely. Pedestrians can still get through. This work is expected to take through the end of October.
  • Garage foundation excavation to commence
  • Exterior demolition of Smallman face openings continues
  • Roof level structural steel and decking will be completed
  • Roofing membrane installation continues
Produce Terminal

(Phase 1= 16th to 17th, Phase 2= 17th to 18th, Phase 3= 19th to 20th, Phase 4= 20th to 21st)

  • Foundations for the new stairs, ramps and dock extensions will continue in Phase 3 along Smallman
  • Roof ballast (stones) removal will continue
  • Roof blocking installation will stretch into Phase 3
  • Stormwater piping installation will begin on the river side for Phases 3 and 4
Other Happenings

We hope everyone enjoyed the Feast of St. Anthony. The weather, music and food were great. It’s just too bad the Steelers had such a bad outing against the Patriots to end the night!